And the five things you could focus on when you’re feeling emotional

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The year 2020 has wreaked havoc in our lives in the most brutal of ways.

It has unexpectedly tested our mental strength, emotional capacity, physical immunity, and heck even our financial capabilities.

We only have barely four months left, and yet, everything seems to keep getting worse and worse (and worse).

As we all try to find ways to cope with everything that’s going on around us, we can’t help but feel a little helpless during certain hours of the day, or maybe even during certain days of the week.

We may not know it right away, but we all…

And the 3 signs to watch out for before continuing your daily scroll.

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Scrolling through our social media feeds is as much a part of our daily routine as eating, sleeping, and breathing. We now have an unlimited array of devices that could connect us to the World Wide Web 24/7.

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are now capable of connecting us to the internet any time and anywhere. However, because of our online habits, more often than not, we end up mindlessly going about our day to day activities.

Not sure if you need to declutter?

Try asking yourself the following questions to check for the 3 signs you need to watch out for:


How much time do you spend…

A must-read for career enthusiasts and students from all walks life

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Words can unexpectedly change the way we see things differently.

One minute we believe that something is real, and the next minute we start seeing through lenses that weren’t there before. These books are for you if…

  • You’re a budding career enthusiast trying to wade through her business aspirations;
  • You’re a student of life who intends to master the inner-workings of his thoughts.

I’ve read a lot of books that have left an impact on my life. But these three is at the top of my list for one specific reason:

These books helped me change my outlook on three…

10 things you need (other than love) for your relationship to really work.

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I'm sure you already know that falling in love is just the tip of the iceberg.

That you need more than just love to actually get your Happily Ever After and be together in the end. We have been together for almost four years now since the day I sent that first message (and yes, I made the first move).

True, there are a lot of couples who have been together longer than us, but here’s the catch…

We’re a long-distance couple who have had to deal with being 8,000 miles apart from each other daily. People often ask us…

What you can learn from the Philippines’ online uproar against a bill that we don’t need during this pandemic

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The approval of the Anti-Terrorism Bill is so close that everyone here in my country can almost feel the pressure and its repercussions.

As the hashtag #JUNKTERRORBILL blew up in different social media outlets, we have tried all forms necessary to voice out our worries and concerns on this new development.

But what on earth can we do us ordinary citizens, other than express our thoughts about it? Every step that our government has taken hasn’t exactly made that much of a difference in decreasing the number of positive cases. …

A Long-Distance Couple’s Guide to Love and Online Dating Part 1

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I’ve been in an online dating site for two-plus years before I came across my fiance’s dating profile. I live in the Philippines and he’s from the United States. Back then, we were dealing with a 13-hour time difference when our relationship was just virtually starting.

The odds weren’t exactly in our favor, and through all the ups and downs, we did find a system that worked well for us, as a long-distance couple.

First impressions can make or break you, but it doesn’t last.

Truth be told, my dating profile’s first impression to my fiance wasn’t exactly noteworthy.

Why? Because I had an average and an uninteresting profile.

It’s fine…

How our Educational System is causing it, and How our Shift to Online Platforms is making it worse.

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My child, study well… So you could land a decent job and be successful in life.

We’ve all heard different versions of this adage from our parents. We’ve all heard it since the day we started attending school. It has a grain of truth in it because no one can take away the things we’ve learned, unless freely given. Indeed, education has always been an integral part of our culture and belief system.

But after all the progress we have achieved, even after all the changes we have made. We’re still at a standstill.

We’re still in the same place…

This is dedicated to the man I met online.

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Online dating has become one of the most popular and practical ways of meeting potential partners. Where a few swipes here and there allows you to meet your perfect match. Promising, isn’t it?

I’m not new to the online dating world, and I’ve met all kinds of men in different kinds of dating sites and apps. I’ve met a couple of perverts and jerks, and a fair share of friendly and respectful men as well.

I’ve been on a dating site for two long years before I met him. …

Ester Deluna

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